Fotos de los personajes de "La búsqueda"

WALDEK Chłopiec, który przebaczył nazistom.

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viernes, marzo 07, 2014

The new cover of WALDEK, the boy who defied the Nazis" English version of "La búsqueda"

Waldek, the boy who defied the Nazis (La Búsqueda in Spanish) chronicles the dramatic and heroic story of Waldek Grodek, who experienced first-hand and at a very young age the German occupation of his native Poland. Many decades later, while visiting the UN offices that granted compensation to the survivors of the Nazi concentration camps, Waldek reflects on the events that started when he was made prisoner and taken to Auschwitz and Mauthausen and, in the years following his liberation, subjected him to the whims of European and Latin American totalitarian regimes, international espionage and the Mossad. Waldek Grodek is a memorable character whose unique perspective and amazing life story deserves to be told. 

After more than 750 days Waldek, the boy who defied the Nazis "La búsqueda," still occupies the top 10 ranking on Amazon Spanish language.